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Dare DZ

DARE DZ Vehicle Specification

11' 4" x 5' 4" x 3' 4"

6' 6" wheelbase.

Weight 1477 lb.
Chassis Multi Tubular steel.

Ford Zetec: 2000cc 16 valve.

130 bhp at 5,750 rpm (naturally aspirated)

210bhp at 6,000 rpm (supercharged)

Mid-enigine mounted transversely with five-speed gearbox.

Layout 4 cylinders, in line 1996cc

Specific Output 68bhp/litre

Power:Weight 200bhp/tonne

Gearbox Type 5 speed manual

Front - upper and lower wishbone with inboard mounted coil spring and damper unit, connected to upper wishbone by pullrod and rocker.

Rear - upper and lower wishbone with coil spring and damper unit.

Steering Type Rack & Pinion - Lock to Lock 2¾ turns

Front - Vented Disc and alloy four pot callipers.

Rear - vented disc, calliper with handbrake.

Dual circuit split front-rear


Front - cast alloy 6.5"x15".

Rear - cast alloy 6.5"x15".


Front - 195-50x15.

Rear - 205-50x15.


Composite (Cray Valley structural resin) with molded in tubular steel framework.

Front mounted wing. Rear body spoiler.

Available as convertible or fixed head with gullwing doors.

Interior Seat Belts - Four point, racing style.
Boot Capacity 150 litres